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Posted by on Mar 6, 2011 in Arts, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Amazing in Many Ways

This story is amazing in many ways. I don’t know what Venkateswarlu studied, but he is a wonderful human being. And a very very intelligent and articulate man.

Listen to the polished nature of his talk. Pay attention to his memory power. What an eloquence. What a humility!

Bravo – hats off to you – Venkateswarlu garu. And I saw this Sumalatha’s show for the first time. It is in so many ways better than some of the ‘talk’ shows on Telugu TV which I saw.

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  1. Oh my god…i could not able to control my tears…….venkateswarlu gari sahrudayaniki satakoti vandanalu……

  2. చాలా గొప్ప వ్యక్తిని ప్రజల దృష్టికి తెచ్చినందుకు “బతుకు జట్కా బండి” ప్రోగ్రాం, దానిని మాకు చూపించందుకు మీరు అభినందనీయులు. “నేను అతని స్థానం లో ఉంటే అలాగే చేసి ఉండేవాడిని” అని గుండెల మీద చేయి వేసుకొని చెప్పలేని దుర్బలత్వం తో అతనికి నమస్సులు అర్పించడానికి గర్వపడుతున్నాను.

  3. Wish we could get some details about Venkateswarulu.We should do fundraising and send it to him.It would be the BEST investment of our monies.How to get get his address???

  4. Mohan gaaru,
    Absolutly best video with tears.

    Sayam chese chetulaki chaduvu avasaram ledhu.

  5. May God bless souls of Venkateswarlu’s kind. A great Human Being.

  6. Venkateswarlu garu is awonderful person. He talks as if he is well educated. This show is doing a very good job in getting into light all such incidents..

  7. What the !!!!!, I have a two degree connection to Venkateshwarlu. The person who Venkateshwarlu referred as giving money to go to Mumbai is my dearest buddy Ranga.

    Touching story and I am even thrilled for the fact that my buddy was part of it.

    Thanks Mohan Garu.

    • Makes you feel proud of him, doesn’t it?

      • Mohan garu,
        We are all grown ups with kids, and we know the story could have ended in many bad ways. I am feeling proud and happy about the whole story. Thanks for posting again, you made my day.

  8. Whatever I say here or the words I use is way much less compared to Venkateswarlu. He is a great speaker, and I am not able to conclude or talk something….touch his feet and say great human being.

  9. Deepest feeling always show itself in silence…ee posting chusina tarvata express cheyadaniki no feelings…

  10. Humanity ante entoo chupinchina Venkateswarlu gariki Hrydayapurvaka Abhinandhanalu! Let’s inspire and respond to some one like these in our life time!

  11. Really touching moving story. I cannot express in words my feelings about Venkateswarulu’s. Truly a gem of a human. Many thanks to this program for presenting this great person to the world.

  12. I am speechless after watching this …He is clearly an epitome of humanity and selflessness!!!!!!!!!!

  13. After seeing this, I don’t have anything to say, except asking to myself “In what we we are any better than venkateswarlu”?

    • I am supposed to be a “tough guy” andi. i was in tears watching him say what he was saying with such a great eloquence. It is very clear that he is a great human being. If you haven’t noticed, he is a great speaker as well.

      • Naku kallemmata neellu tirigayandi babu, ikkada chepthe bagodhani cheppala. Chala manchi posting, this is why I love to follow teluglobe 🙂 Much more better than most of the telugu websites 🙂