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  1. Veturi’s death is no doubt a loss to the Telugu film industry.

    Without meaning any disrespect to the deceased, I believe the loss to literature is greater because Veturi chose to limit himself to movies. I really wish capable people like him look beyond films. It is a tragedy that the only legacy he left was movie songs.

    • I agree with you 100%

  2. A great loss for Telugu Literature. He wrote in both modes: to the highly literate as well as common man. Powerful words, like, ‘E Duryodhan Dusshasana Durneeti Lokamlo.’

    As usual, no Telugu writer had any decent money: as the great dramatist, Bhamidipati quipped: ‘kavulakemi kavalandi – keereti tappa’ (what does poets need only ‘fame.’ And we forget that they need money to survive. I read that he had struggled till end to have a home of his own in Hyderabad and was never fulfilled. Let us hope at least, the current government will grant that wish to his widow.

    My deep condolences to his family.