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Posted by on Dec 19, 2010 in Cricket, In The News, India, TG Roundup

Sachin’s 50th Century

For those cricket loving Teluglobers ( did I invent that term ? ) today is a significant day. SRT aka “The God” did reach “that milestone”. 50th test century. I probably watched him reach three figure mark least 30 times. In this day of over achieving times, we get quickly bored with whatever we are doing in our life except if it happens to be our passion. Most of the people “just do their job” for a living with no passion. For the lucky others their livelihood is means to their ends (passion). Sachin belongs to that lucky gang. Apart from the God’s gifts he possessed, he has other qualities like discipline, passion and humility. For long I thought he was humble in public but might be arrogant in private. Over the years my opinion has changed. Why ? He was not touched by the match fixing. He did not want the captaincy. He just behaved like a regular team member. He never showed his ego against the coaches. He stayed out of the cricket politics. Which is a big feat in itself for anyone fronm Mumbai or Delhi, though the days of Delhi/Mumbai politics of 1970-80s are behind us. And most recently he even refused a liquor advertising offer to show he is not promoting drinking. He is a GEM. I hope he will get us the next world cup.

Folks might say he never played when the team needed him. Howbout today guys ? What an innings. It could have been a historic match if Dhoni stayed on.

What do you folks think of him ? Does anyone know him personally ? Have you ever meet him ? Comments please.


  1. I agree with the article and everything said about Tendulkar. But it was not a great day that I would like to remember given the kind of innings loss India suffered. Tendulkar played his part, but I would have loved to see some better performance from the team. Hope the team fights back to even the series or better yet clinch it!

    • Ramkumar garu, I hope so too. But it looks like not going to happen. They collapsed again in the second test. I guess we do not have guts to fight back.

  2. Cool. Sachin is da man!