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Posted by on Oct 13, 2011 in Computers, In The News, Technology, TG Roundup, USA

RIP Dennis Ritchie, Thank you Sir

Another sad news. Dennis Ritchie , who invented UNIX and C died October 8th 2011. Whats more important is the news did not hit the mass media until yesterday / today i.e October 13th 2011. Dennis Ritchie is one of the pillars of modern day computing. Without him the foundation behind the cool gadgets we use could not have been possible. I was lucky enough to see him during my employment in Lucent/Bell-Labs. Many a time I wanted to go to his room and ask for a picture. Could not dared that. I am sure many of us started beginning in our career with UNIX/C.

Are you sad ? did C language help you in your career ?
Write your comments.

This picture is from Dennis Ritchie’s web page during his Bell-Labs days.


  1. Bhanu garu,
    When I opened Teluglobe (I haven’t been visiting that often nowadays) when I saw Dennis Ritchie is no more, I was struggling to recollect this famous personality, and later recollected his UNIX/ C inventions.

    I belong to a generation earlier or rather to the same school of Dennis who had worked fondly on Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC, unfortunately later absorbed by Compaq and yet swallowed by HP) products like DEC-10 Mainframe and VAX/ VMS Machines.

    To be honest I used to hate UNIX/C combination. Dennis himself a lover of VAX/ VMS developed UNIX/C using VAX/ VMS platform. In my view, the demise of VAX/VMS is one of the greatest follies of computing.

    No doubt, I have extensively used UNIX/C in my later part of life, since 1987, I commend Dennis’s inventions and contributions. It is very very sad that the world has missed Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie.

  2. Bhanu garu,

    I posted one already, not knowing you would too. 🙂

    Glad to know you worked at Lucent/Bell-labs!