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Posted by on Jun 29, 2010 in In The News, Markets, TG Roundup

Pralaya Thaandavam on Fraud Street

IN the past few days, I have been occupied on several fronts, which is why lately I am not able to post much on TG. Today’s market action deserves some mention from me.

Add to this, Japan is at new 52 week low. 2.5 to 4% losses in a day don’t come that often. Tomorrow is shaping up to be another big loser in Asia. So far this year, market is propped by computers buying and selling to each other. Few sane participants are still left in the market.

Simply stated – most critical technical levels in many indices are broken. Some technicians are calling for 865 on S&P 500. You are warned again….

This is not a surprise to many who study the fundamental forces at work. The formula that worked thus far with US economy was burdening the consumer with debt and securitizing that debt so that more debt can be taken by the consumer. Fraud Street Banksters are complicit in a Ponzi scheme of mammoth proportions. Now, chickens are coming home to roost. In other (Telugu) words….

“గోడ వీధి”లో  ప్రళయ తాండవం

నటరాజా శత సహస్ర రవి తేజా

నట గాయక వైతాళిక మునిజన భోజా

దీనావన భవ్య కళా  దివ్య పదాంభోజా

చెరిసగమై రస జగమై చెలగిన నీ చెలి ప్రాణం

బలి పశువై  యజ్ఞవాటి వెలిబూదిద  అయిన క్షణము

సతీ వియోగము సహియించక – దు

ర్మతియౌ దక్షుని మదమడంచగా

ఢమ, ఢమ, ఢమ, ఢమరుక ధ్వనుల

నమక చమక  యమ గమక భయంకర

సకల లోక జర్జరిత భయంకర

వికటనటస్పద విస్పులింగముల

విలయ తాండవము సలిపిన నీవే

శిలవే అయితే పగిలిపో-

శివుడే అయితే రగిలిపో-

విన్నాడా ఆ పరమ శివుడు?


  1. which god ?

  2. Mohan garu,
    Good stuff , specially the ending.
    Thanks for posting. I guess gold is the way to go for some time.