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Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in In The News, Mobile, Technology, TG Roundup, USA

Palm Teases New WebOS Hardware with Extreme Close-up Video

That image you see above? That’s one of (presumably) four corners of some new webOS hardware. We’re seeing black, rounded edges, glass, and some subtle buttons. In other words, it looks like the industrial design here doesn’t seem too far from webOS devices of old. Our hunch is that this is a phone, not a tablet, but really your guess is as good as ours.

We’re also seeing what looks to clearly be a ringer switch and perhaps a speaker grille next to what is presumably a power toggle switch. There’s a unicorn in there as well (ok, we had to stare pretty hard to see that last one). What do you, dear reader, see?

Think Beyond is in one week. We’ll be there live and we promise that we’ll pan out a bit when we take our photos.

UpdateAnother preview video shows mainly the same details, but we have a shot of a camera. This looks like a slider mechanism and looking at the camera, this smells a little like a next-gen phone in a Pre-like form factor. Image after the break.

Update 2: They’ve slightly altered their tagline for the event, adding “Think Ahead” to the mix:

[Via – Precentral]


  1. me too waiting andi. Lucky you andi for Pre 2. I played with it, very sweet and solid.

  2. And BTW, I have a Pre 2 unlocked with me. Need a sim to register the thing.

  3. KP garu, I am waiting for another four days.
    While everyone is running to buy iPhone, I wait for the new hardware from HP.
    Camry may be highest selling car but it ain’t no S-Class.