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Posted by on Nov 24, 2010 in In The News, India, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Kiran Kumar Reddy The New CM of Andhra Pradesh

This is AP CM change happened quick. While I do not have in depth knowledge on the decision. All I gathered from timesofindia was the below piece

“Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy (50), a four-term MLA from Chittoor, who has never been a minister, will be sworn in as the CM on Thursday. So, how did Kiran earn a name for himself in the top echelons of the Congress? It’s learnt Kiran’s closeness with Union home minister P Chidambaram was what clinched the deal in his favour. “Since the time of his late father Amarnath Reddy’s time, Nallari family has been close to Chidambaram,” a source said.”

Read more: Kiran Reddy is Andhra CM as Rosaiah goes

Comments please.

Do you know him personally ? Are you from his area ? Is he a good administrator ? Is he a good leader ? Any thoughts ?

OBTW, He was a former Ranji Player, which makes me feel good. He probably the first ex cricketer who became a CM of a state.


  1. Kanaka garu,

    Thanks for putting out this link. While any educated person generally likes JP’s arguments, JP in this discussion was clearly aggresive. Kiran Kumar did not lose his cool all through the discussion and was trying to explain pragmatic approaches taken by the Government, especially their efforts for the people below the poverty line. JP with his usual talent of memorizing the statistics was trying to pull the discussion towards his strong points and almost got him at one point. He was also trying to compare other states and in some cases other countries which is quite misleading and over simplistic to compare like that. He was almost personally attacking him using statements like “noothi lo kapalu”, “Kastha thelsukoni matladandi” etc., Inspite of this, Kiran Kumar garu was patient enough and was also infact appreciating JP and his virtues. I know that JP is passionate on every topic he talks and backs it with some stats but it would be nice of him not to lower the bar for a good discussion by being aggressive because being aggresive or loud mouthing or confusing opponents because you are eloquent might win the arguments but could lose in real life like his dead-on-arrival party. As Kiran kumar suggested, he has option to play a positive role or keep ranting with no use expect polishing his debating skills.
    Anyway, coming back to topic of Kiran Kumar, I too never heard anything in detail about him except that he is speaker. However, given the circumstances of our state, I think they were looking for a non-controversial politician but still with other standard minimum criteria like being in good terms with high command, educated, relatively younger etc., ). At the end of the day, they need some one to lead and only time will tell if he will be successful or not…as you know, the real fun is not becoming CM but maintaining it with all that is going on in our State. But, more than anything, I was amazed (and happy) at how fast the replacement happened instead of giving a field day to the media to keep predicting and making fun of the whole exercise.

    Poor guy’s time starts now….time to lay back and watch !

    • Sri garu,
      After watching the debate between him and JP, I have a feeling that he is going to be a nice CM. He looked like JP’s distant cousin :).

  2. watch the link and there are couple other and you will understand his stamona.