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Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in In The News, India, Telugu, TG Roundup

JP on AP. Very Useful Discussion.

I have been waiting to see some useful discussions on T-Issues. One program that I loved is , AP Dasa Disa from HMTV.  Great series of shows and available in Youtube. The following show is from i-News and I totally agree with JP. These hatemongers will never fight for development.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I think JP is able to hit the nail on the head. But the problem is that the nail may be against an iron wall, if the audience are from separatist minded persons (this could be from Telengana or Andhra or Rayalaseema). The problem is allowed to grow and was even used by various political parties (no exceptions) at various times. Some were openly eloquent and some were eloquent by means of tacit agreements. Isn’t it the Congress which gave legitimacy to this (separate Telengana issue) at national level when they were not in power in the state? Isn’t it TDP which shared seats with TRS during the recent elections and even more legitimized the demand. Isn’t it PRP which called it ‘Samajika Telengana’, during elections? Even Loksatta is supported it by keeping silent and talking. For me at least TRS was openly supporting it and if you leave the argument whether they are right or wrong, politically they are forth right in what they are saying. This is not to say what they are demanding is right. But the other parties are equal culprits in fomenting this. The result, persons who are young and impressionable and the ones who actually are bearing burnt of poverty are the ones who are killing themselves.

    As much as I am proud of my telugu culture, I must say the way of corruptions is imbibed into the system so much, it is norm rather than exception to find corrupt practices every where in the state of AP. It is there in every place on earth, but it is so rampant in our state, we don’t need as much as investigative journalism. Why, the (music scored) in the background of the interview is a stolen one from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie! So you can understand how deeply rooted it is in AP.

    But on the whole I applaud JP for rightly trying to steer the debate and thinking about the current events in AP. Thanks for the post again.


    • “Why, the (music scored) in the background of the interview is a stolen one from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie! So you can understand how deeply rooted it is in AP. ”

      While watching the show, I was kind of annoyed with the background music.
      You pointed it right.

      JP explained why they were sitting quite and though I don’t fully agree with it, this kind of discussion in media is very healthy. I really like the point JP mentioned, when people say ‘Ivanni govt donga lekkaku’ , ‘AP Janabha 8 kotlu ani meeku ela telusu, meremanna lekkapettara?’ that was awesome.

      Separatists will never change what ever you discuss. These are for people who are willing to change and think rational.

  2. Absolutely amazing !! Thanks a ton for sharing. Though the hope that future will be bright is very very low for me, the fact that it is low (and not completely dark) is because of seeing one “political” leader being so objective and forthright and airing those views in the media.

  3. Thanks for sharing the JP sir’s facts with us! Jaya Prakash Narayan is the one who can lead India to vision 2020.

  4. hope at least a few people will change their mindset.

  5. KP,

    This is scary. He is speaking my mind…. the fist video is something I have said on my show or wrote about in various places.