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Posted by on Feb 27, 2010 in In The News, India, TG Roundup

Is India set to be a super power?

I am wondering its not a film shooting which is going there on so that the police remained a mute spectator, politics is showing its ugly head head in everything, yes there is some super power which prevented/prohibited police from taking action and such powers should be crushed. Watch here…


  1. Sad sad sad!

  2. This is one of the very pathetic incidents that are happening in India. The police is just staring at the brutal beating !!! Not even God can save India. The world has to end one fine day, then only there would be moksha/mukthi to all these kinds of evil incidents happening in various parts of the Earth.

  3. Reminds me of police SP who was killed in front of Minister Convoy, ND Tiwari, Dhana Raj, SPS Rathore, Krishna Mohan. Well slowly people will forget them if not atleast our judiciary will.

  4. The video is a shame. Not sure what that one guy did, but he could have saved by the police.

  5. Yes it is terrible but it is easy to blame whole of India. Not that it is justified but if you are not familair, watch rodney king’s beating before blaming whole country :

    • hi sri,

      good observation!
      Do you know how many “rodney king” incidents have been happening across india everyday!

      jai ho india! “Super power” my fo…

      • Kiran,

        You missed my point.
        Yes, I agree that there are several incidents like this happening all over India all the time. But, my point is…this type of attrocities happen in an already so called super power country..implying that these can happen anywhere regardless of the ‘status’ of the country…and all I was suggesting is do not jump to conclusion and just blame whole country…because, blaming is one of the easiest thing that a human being can do…especially sitting 12000 miles away.

  6. I am not sure if this incident is any thing to do with India set to be next super power but what we see here is really disturbing. Every one in this video is culprits of the society. Just blaming police is absurd.

  7. This is pathetic in many ways. 1) caste and 2) utter incompetence of the police,