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Posted by on Jun 7, 2010 in Business, Economy, In The News, Opinion, Technology, TG Roundup, USA

iPhone 4

Apple announced the iPhone 4 today. Many of you might have seen the pictures that were leaked to the gadget site The leaked pictures are indeed real.
The phone looks like chiseled by Swiss watch makers. Hardware is impressive. And Apple once again raised the bar. Seriously you could hurt someone with this all metal and glass device. I wish they sell it on Sprint. And whats up with that Antenna design ? My only complaint , screen size.

Here is the Tech summary for the geeks.
The processor A4 is the same one used by the iPad.
It has dual mic and dual camera.
The metal casing is actually an Antenna ( two Antennas in fact separated by a cut).
Apple combined the three chips into one (the ARM Cortex CPU + the video GPU + and the RAM ).
WiFi is 802.11n
You can create folders and organize the apps.
You can do multi tasking by pressing the home button twice.
Bing is added as a search provider along with google and yahoo.

Here is summary for the non geeks

The phone is ridiculously thinner than previous iPhone , probably the thinnest phone on earth.
The display is better.
The battery can get you thru a working day.
You can take photos in low light.
You can record HD video.
And you can make video calls with another iPhone 4 using WiFi.

So what do you think of the phone? Are you buying it ? What other phones are on you mind ? What are the most important features to you ? Are you affected by ATT recent data plans charges ?
Comments please ?


  1. Though I am not planning to buy one, I am eagerly looking for this iPhone 4. No wonder it will be a hot pick as it’s predecessors.

    By the way, multitasking is not unique to iPhone4 it is also possible on iPhone 3GS as OS4 ghat allows multi tasking supported by hardware in 3GS and I am definitely going to download it for my 3GS

  2. Guys, I know you are technophiles, here is an alternative to the king of gadget i,e iPhone, HTC Evo . I love iPhone and use my Palm Pre as primary device, the Evo can play full length telugu movie on the YouTube app. Besides the kick stand and bigger screen is a killer feature not available on any phone.
    In addition you can connect the Evo to TV using the HDMI cable.
    Check it out if you come across a sprint store.

  3. Fantabuluos init guys

  4. when ever apple releases one, I will get tempted to go for it. Now with new changes to att, it’s really really hard to switch. Great phone but doesn’t beat webos. Been plaing with EVO for couple of days but that also not making me to go for it.

    • KP Garu,
      Yup, I played with Evo over the weekend. Nice phone. But I am still married to my Pre for now. WebOS is probably the best OS out there. Period. This iPhone is great hardware wise. The software still is same. No big changes there. I am hoping HP / Palm release a new phone soon.

    • I don’t think ATT s data plan changes are bad – indeed they are good. As far I see, rarely we exceed 2gb. So far my max was 1.8gb on extensive usage. I think it’s more fuss for nothing.

      • Sridhar Garu,
        Totally agree with 2 Gb. However I am afraid folks will take the second tier plan for 200 MB, which IMHO is not good. Configure a new plan on ATT you will know how ugly the whole thing is. Sprint OTOH is plain simple “unlimited”.
        In which case , back to what you said, 2 Gb is the best option.

        • I am really tempted to order the new iPhone4 esp. at a time when AT&T is offering low price data plan of $15 per month. All these years, I was staying away from getting an iPhone because of the restriction that it can not be bought without a unlimited data plan costing $30 more every month. For me, wi-fi is available wherever I am most of the time.