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Posted by on Apr 2, 2011 in India, TG Roundup

My Memories from the 1983 World Cup

I watched the 1983 world cup finals in the common hall of Visvesavarayya hostel of SVU College of Engineering, Thirupathi, along with 100+ engineering students. In 1983, color TV was new in India and color programming on Doordarsan was intermittent. For several overs during West Indies batting, Dooradarsan cut cricket for other programming (imagine doing that today!). Such important moments as Viv Richards being out caught by Kapil Dev could only be seen several years later (at least by me).

Today I was with a crowd of nearly 300 people at Touch. We had some audio problems in the 15 overs but video was fine. Fantastic game! Enjoyed every min of it.

India played so well as a team. Once again, one of the best fielding display by India I have ever witnessed. India might have saved at least 40 runs during the first 40 overs. Of course, Lankans batted well in the slog overs – we can’t blame it on poor fielding and bowling by India.

Great game and I am glad I got to see it.