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  1. I would have been happy to see Sachin at the end. Rahman starts it and Sachin ends its. This lacks tempo when actors show up last 3 mins.

  2. Rahman on fingerboard awesome ! A MASTER CRAFTSMEN WILL BE MASTER WITH BEST TOOLS.

    can someone tell Salman to wear a shirt ? even his last wish might be to bury shirt-less.

    sharukh expressions are as he will commit suicide if we dont say ‘milley sur mera tumhara’

    where is Sachin, Adbul kalam ? are Priyanka and shilpa shetty more important ?

    • Thank you. You finally answered my question. SO, that is Salman Khan (I really didn’t know.)

  3. I like the first portion until shivamani’s percussion beats.. the part after that was more of a bollywood music video.

  4. I like the old one. Looks like this Phir Mile Sur is – Fail?

  5. This version is so outlandish that anybody seeing it will know that India’s contribution is only films.. why do we need to have so many movie page3 celebrites, I dont understand. The original version had greats like BalamuraliKrishna, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi etc. I remember whenever that piece was on TV, I used to run to tv and watch it everytime.

    • Venkat,

      I too did not see the point in this piece, which obviously was intended to be a ‘feel-good’ video. When I got to the point where I saw the dude showing off his muscles, it lost any semblance of respect I have for this video. 🙂

      You are absolutely correct about the narcissism of the film stars. A superstar once told me in an interview that how much she loves kids. But I was a dumb witness to a spectacle where she walked away from signing autographs for little kids, who were waiting for hours for a glimpse of her and for her autograph.

      I felt like grabbing her and dragging back to the kids by my sweaty self. Good thing I didn’t do that. 🙂

  6. Pardon my ignorance. Who is the actor dude who felt the need to show his muscles in this obviously “feel-good” video.

  7. playing it on a Tabala is amazing. Zakir, thujhe salam!