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Posted by on Jul 27, 2010 in Culture, India, Social Issues, TG Roundup, Youth

Loss = Gain; Is it a Balanced Equation? Give it a Thought !

The equation I mentioned above relates to the psychology of people staying away from India.  We are excited to come here (Away from our country) and study and then initially miss our family and later we decide to stay? Money, comfort versus family, friends, relatives and  hometown and our own nationality.  Does one realize the true happiness for one’s life? Some of my friends said its because of the money and comfort which  made them decide to stay back in here, and few said its because of the peace we have here.  I was surprised with the word peace? and they explained it as the independent life with none interfering in their business. But do they really mean that they are quiet happy with the life here? Having spent 22-24 years in an environment surrounded by family, friends and relatives does not give us any strong motivation to go back? spending an year or two  here in US would wipe out all the dependent thoughts. Are people back in India not happy and satisfied ? are they not at peace? If this is the case then  our Indian culture wouldn’t have existed at all !

According to me I believe that though you always have a choice from which you decide, we look at it as a single option.  Though we consider decision making as a “VARAM”  the ability to use it is always a tough task.  To stay back in US or go back to India are two choices we have,  But we consider them as only one option i.e what are we presently used to and what would we loose if we leave US.  Cant one think that this is an opportunity to gain back what they have lost?  those are the only precious and  priceless things which we have lost during the journey to the false paradise !

The other day I had listened to a talk given by Sheena Iyengar in TED about art of choosing (I have given the website link below) and was really surprised about the people’s perspective of looking at their choices. I wondered if its related to our decision to stay back and yet have a dissatisfaction of not being in our country.  Though the statement can be implied other way too !

Satisfaction and Happiness is something more than comfort and enjoyment.  I would like the readers to give it a small thought !

Watch Sheena Iyengar’s TED talk below:

As a part of my initial effort to write an article,  I would like to thank TG for giving me this opportunity. I hope  you find my first article interesting ! 


  1. My3e garu,
    Welcome. Good post. I have a different take on this subject. Take the culture with you to any place you live. Having said that we have a matrubhoomi , pitrubhoomi concept. So for many of us India is either matrubhumi or pitrubhumi. So going back means its more than for a living.

  2. Hi My1e,
    Please don’t feel bad calling u with that name, just trying pull your leg. I found your article very interesting and want to cheer u up keep up the good work….Nani

  3. about this topic,
    it’s not about going back to India or staying back at US.
    it’s about ones personal thoughts nd characters nd options.
    I wouldn’t say ppl rnt fond of their motherland and it’s not like they love America.
    circumstances change nd they have to accept it because they have taken a step to move to US.

  4. let me start with lighter note, reason for not going back ‘ atha kodalla godava ledu, bandhuvula gola ledu, pellillu, perantalu, taddinalu asale levu’. Peace of mind andi ! 🙂

    you have touched a very sensitive topic. My openion is, people don’t return because it’s quick money here. 🙂 This apply to mejority of immigrants.

    guessing your name is Mythreyi not Mythreeyi. 🙂

    • Mythreyi garu “My 3, iviani santhakam chestunnaru. That is 50% more than the two cents we all give here. 🙂

      Let us give her a warm welcome.

    • Kanaka garu I agree with you to some extent anukondi, Aythey India lo vunnavalaki peace of mind లేదంటారా ? 🙂
      And you guessed right. I write it as My3e to make it easier for Americans to pronounce it. 🙂

  5. Just wanted to share a quote for this
    “Swaranmayi lanka api na me Rochate Laxmana
    Janani Janma Bhumischa swargadapi gariyasi ”

    Meaning O Laxmana! even the gold plated Lanka doesn’nt attract me as my mother and motherland are more blissful than heaven to me.

    • Mythreyi garu,

      Welcome to TG. Thanks for posting.