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  1. This reminds me of Swami vivekananda’s speech in Chicago. Thank you Mr. JP. We need leaders like you who can sacrify for the people and nation. Keep doing good job and remind these “NAYAKULU” why they are there.

  2. To the person who tried to post a comment under the alias “telangana.badhithudu”:

    We don’t normally censor comments here. You can say whatever you want to say without cursing. Try again.

    బూతులు లేకుండా ప్రయతించండి మళ్ళీ…

  3. Awesome JP Garu.

    Do anyone think about our pledge we all say

    India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage…

  4. Thank God for still having leaders like JP garu.Truly inspiring speech. During the sad affairs of our State, greatly needed words of wisdom. All of our emotions and heart felt feelings put into eloquent form of expression. Hope it make a few people think and act towards better behavior .

  5. I watched it again! I am wondering how thick the skin has to be for all the other representatives or whoever could listen to not getting influenced by this speech. You can see the body language of some of those present, they are like what the heck this guy is speaking or entirely nonchalant. The speaker’s expressions are like in between when this guy is going to finish to how this guy can survive in today’s politics with an amusing tone … what a misfortune for the people from AP…


  6. MIM may have never cared for the entire Hyderabad or AP, but their stand on keeping AP united is appreciatable. Watch Akbaruddin Owaisi, MIM Floor Leader in Assembly:

  7. Lets take part in democracy and make elected representatives work for People. This is what any leader like Dr.JP would expect from responsible citizens like us. I take my responsiblity by working with PeopleForLokSatta ( and 5th Pillar organisation which enables and empowers people to make democracy work for people.
    Please feel free to call me 781 367 9367 or email me for more information.

  8. These kind of speeches should be telecast-ed and shown to all our legislators / and so called leaders.

  9. JP garu..after listening to your speech I have a feeling that there is still some hope on the politicians who really care for the common man. Hatsoff to you.

  10. I feel proud of JP speech. Atleast we are blessed with one leader who is passionate and concerned about common people. We need more leaders like him if the country has to progress.Very valuable words which everyone should realize and follow.

  11. I think AP is blessed to have JP as one of it’s leaders. I hope this gets televised widely in the state now.

    Thanks for the post.


  12. JP garu anna last words are very important for common man!

  13. STUPENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!