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Posted by on Mar 29, 2011 in India, TG Roundup

Cheer Team India on TORi: India-Pakistan Semi Finals

TORi will do an Indo-Pak war- err – cricket special on Wednesday, March 30 during the semifinals game. The show is anchored from Hyderabad and Fairfax, VA.  Call (703) 879-6611 during the game to cheer Team India.

రండి – రచ్చ రచ్చ చేద్దాం!


  1. what a match.. it took my half day 🙂

  2. అద్భుతం..అత్యద్భుతం..భారతీయులందరూ గర్వించదగ్గ విజయము

  3. Now – రండి – రచ్చ రచ్చ చేద్దాం!

  4. India beated Pakistan.

  5. India is going to WIN this world cup.

  6. Go INDIA!!!