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Posted by on Jul 13, 2010 in Education, India, Social Issues, TG Roundup, Youth

Another Student gets killed

This time in Connecticut. I feel sad, someone needs to tell the kids to be careful. Sometimes it happens no matter how protective you can be, like that Indian scientist who was killed in his “Safe Neighborhood”. I really feel bad in my stomach.

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  1. I don’t understand why and how can they work part time in a field other than their technical field? something is really wrong here….

  2. very sad.

    Today i came to know one of my fiend’s close friend passed away yesterday with Heart attack. he is only 36 years old. I was shocked to know about it. here is the link

    If anyone wanted to send donations, use the TANA link

    Bhanu garu, not sure if all can see this message, but could it be possible to post this in the main page in Teluglobe so that people can see and respond with their donations
    Thank you

    • Today i came to know that my friend’s company is taking care of everything. so if any one is doing or already did the donations, it will go to the TANA treasury.

      Thank you for your generosity

  3. sad and unfartunate.