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Posted by on Sep 19, 2010 in India, TG Roundup

A Hate Piece on India and US

This piece is a part of my series on many faces of hate.

I found this hate piece by accident. This guy wants to combine India and Pakistan and call it Pakistan. It is a hate piece alright – but there is a lot to laugh about what he is saying and a lot to wonder about the power and influence of media to give mouth piece to idiots like this.

Can you tell the difference between this idiot and the likes of Rush Limbaugh and KCR? This idiot appears to be a Pak nationalist and only spews hatred against Hindus, India and the US. Rush spreads hatred at nearly 50% of the Americans who disagrees with him. KCR does that to 50% of his fellow Telugu speaking people.

The question is, who is worse?


  1. This brother stopped looking East beyond India. there is land beyond it. Sad that he could not see the land to the West and North of his country. If all the land on the earth becomes one nation, how wonderful would it be !!

  2. Comparison between KCR and this person highly inappropriate. This highlights only personal hate of author of this article against KCR.

  3. Pakistan needs improve literacy rate. Then its people can judge actions or words spoken by high profile people

  4. Loose talk. Ignorant and arrogant.

  5. Every one has a right to say.. he is expressing his fears and want help from india. At the same time he don’t want to bend.

    I have right to say.. India+Pakisthan = Inkisthan. 🙂

  6. Will people even think before saying something??? What a joke to say India + pakisthan = pakisthan. LOL….

    • Yeh. Like everybody else, he is entitled to his own delusions. 🙂