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Posted by on May 3, 2010 in In The News, Technology, TG Roundup, Worldwide

Great Innovation, Life Saver Bottle.

Came across this killer innovation while browsing through TED. Amazed by the use of it and you can imagine what you can do after watch the following video.

Checked the price of it and little disappointed since it’s not with in reach of many ($150+tax).  Here the links for further reference.

Buy from Amazon
Life saver bottle’s website.

I was really wishing that it would clean the sea water, but unfortunately it will not. It will make the water safe but do not remove any salt.Click for Life saver bottle FAQs

34 Q. Does the LIFESAVER bottle filter Sea Water? A. Yes. LIFESAVER bottle will remove all microbiological contamination from sea water. However the LIFESAVER bottle does not filter the salt from sea water or any other salts from water.

Leave a comment if you like or buy.


  1. if it can do salt water, then it’s worth Nobel prize.

  2. KP garu,
    Good post, though its expensive, nice to know this thing exists. Someone needs to talk to the chinese folks for bringing down the cost :).
    Converting salt water is even better.