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Posted by on Apr 30, 2010 in In The News, Technology, TG Roundup

Free Texting, Free App for iPhone

Textie is a free iPhone application that sends free text messages to email addresses, most cellphones, and other Textie users. Textie doesn’t dip into your monthly messaging plan, so it’s basically unlimited texting.

While it may be free on your end, it may not be for your recipient, especially if you are texting to a mobile number. There’s also support for push notification and photos. The interface is reminiscent of the iPhone’s own messaging app, so it’s easy and quick to understand how the app functions.

Textie for iPhone Sends Free Text Messages

Textie doesn’t work well with T-Mobile (it really doesn’t), and has no support for international numbers or Google Voice, which is a shame, really. Textie is a free app for iPhone only. It costs $2 to remove the ads.


  1. KP garu,I will stick with Sprint, where “Everything” is included.

    • Me too, This post for poor iPhone owners. 🙂