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Posted by on Dec 9, 2010 in Business, Computers, In The News, Technology, TG Roundup, USA

Free Test Drive Google Chromium Laptop

Teloglobe readers,
Here is a fun way to get a free laptop, I am not sure google lets you keep it for good, but you can have it as part of the testing program ( don’t know how long). But its cool to have a laptop shipped directly from google !!!!!! Google’s new laptop and Chromium OS are in Pilot program.The laptop is based on brand new operating system which is built from the ground up. It cuts the unwanted programs starting with the bios setup, hardware detection…….. to the anti virus. I am sure many of you simply hated the slow windows boxes. The windows systems goes real bad once antivirus software is added. Chromium OS eliminates most of that. It is fast. It is elegant ( may be not as elegant as Apple’s creations) , it has an app store too. So check the details and Sign up please.

I did sign up for one. I wrote that I would like to test Indian languages on this box. Fill the form. Write the purpose of your usage. And GET IT.

Check the details of the laptop here.

Apply for the Pilot Program here.

I would love to see some of you apply for it. Who knows me might have lucky reader amongst us. The one thing I am looking into it is the speed of machine/ Operating system. The boot time is less than 10 seconds. The web browsing is fast.

Check the Video.

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  1. +1 Thanks for the post Bhanu garu and good luck