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Posted by on Jan 11, 2015 in Europe, In The News, Opinion, TG Roundup, Worldwide

Charlie Hebdo and True Heroism



What does an act of courage look like? To me it doesn’t have to be a Rambo-ish assault. Gandhi and his followers acts of defiance in the face of near certain physical beating they were going to take IS courage. When Aerosmith featured as an album cover a feminine looking Lord Krishna (wearing a bra with big bosom) , some Hindus felt offended. Some called my show and expressed outrage. I told them to chill and that freedom of speech itself is more divine than the God who was insulted by a perceived act of blasphemy.


Like every freedom loving human being in the world, I was saddened by the recents events in France in which cartoonist Charlie Hebdo and 14 others got killed. I thought that the French publication, their staff and especially those killed are exceptionally brave.

Then this morning I saw this video that put not only faces to the bravery but also context to their brave act. To say that I’m struck with awe, impressed and inspired doesn’t justify the emotional range I’ve experienced. Watch the video to understand why a simple editorial discussion on the cartoons to publish proves to be an act of extreme courage. When mindless faith in religion drives 100s of thousands, if not millions to extremism, all it takes for the world to recognize the insanity is such simple acts of courage by these funny men and women at the French publication.

No guns were needed for this act of bravery. Just a few pencils and sketch pens.