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Posted by on Oct 24, 2010 in Business, TG Roundup

The “Tea Party”, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Wall Street Sociopaths

Many of the MMGL listeners would know, in the 2008 election, I voted straight down the democratic ticket. In less than 10 days, America goes to polls for the mid-term. Obama lost me when he appointed Summers and Geithner to his economic team. For two years, he has been more a functionary than a revolutionary. When it comes to restoring trust in the economy, and transparency in the government and markets – he has been a miserable failure. His administration did not bring a single prosecution against any high-profile Bankster for fraud – which was and still is rampant in the banking sector. [Of course, not counting the case against former Countrywide CEO].

For a long time I have been an admirer of  Dr. Ron Paul. He completely lost me when he questioned Obama’s birth record.

To begin with, I do not have much respect for either major political parties. In the past two years, Democrats have, once again proved to be a bunch of wusses.  But I doubt if I can trust Republicans in my life time again. Where do I stand now for this election? Not sure yet. In the next few days, I will post some of my thoughts on the impending crucial election in the US. The focus will be on: The “Tea Party”, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Wall Street Sociopaths

Stay Tuned.

Heads up: most of my thinking is similar to that of Karl Denninger.