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Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Markets, TG Roundup

Follow-up to Alessio Rastani’s BBC Interview.

Follow-up to Alessio Rastani’s BBC Interview. Just a few mins after Alessio Rastani’s interview was posted on ZeroHedge, I linked it on Telugbole and said this:

I believe that in the ensuing weeks and months, this short interview on BBC will be much talked about. In a very candid manner and in simple language, trader Alessio Rastani tells the shocked BBC hosts what is going to happen in financial markets, what we all should know and must ignore.

It sure happened that way. The video went viral. Now, this guy is an internet sensation.  Zerohedge has a followup.

The “BBC TV” trader, whose clip Zero Hedge first presented to the broader world and has since become an internet sensation with well over 1 million views, has just made the prime time TV circuit with a first stop on CNN. Here is some more of his story.