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Posted by on May 23, 2010 in Economy, Interviews, Markets, TG Roundup

Making Sense of Financial Crisis with Rao Chalasani 1 of 2

Mr. Rao Chalasani was a veteran Wall Street economist who retired in 2000. His long career included stints as the chief economist at Everen Securities which later became First Union Securities. Currently FUS is a unit of Wells Fargo. In the 90s he was frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal. He was one of the straight shooters on Wall Street and one of the few whom I respected and I paid a lot of attention.

I mentioned about Mr. Rao on this blog some time ago when I talked about quants. I caught-up with Rao to make sense out of the Euro crisis. Even though Rao is retired and claims that he is not in touch with what is going on in the markets lately, he is as sharp as ever. This 40 min long interview sheds light on a number of fundamental reasons for current state of world’s financial mess. Those who followed me on my Teluguone Radio show or read my articles on various blogs might find that my views are  eerily similar to his views.

Interview and broadcast date: 2010-05-21

Audio language: Mostly English and some Telugu