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Posted by on Jul 14, 2010 in Economy, Markets, TG Roundup

Dylan Ratigan Shows Some Guts

Guts, or kahunas as some would call it, look like this:

In this video, Dylan raises temperature on the congressman who does nothing but divert the topic to criticize the Govt and spew Republican talking points.

Talking point #1: Indict the Federal Government

Talking point #2: Divert the topic to all Republican talking points

And the ending is just fantastic….

“>> You’re just doing weird republican talking points. I’m done with you. I wish you luck.

>> I’m really here to talk about jobs.

>> I don’t think you are. but you are doing a good job of spouting republican — I’m sure somebody in the republican party will give you a pat on the back. Congratulations and thank you for nothing..”

Don’t under any illusion that I am a Democrat. For years I have been very critical of Clinton’s handling of the economy. In fact, Dylan exactly reflects how I feel about the mess both parties have created.

Watch the whole clip…

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  1. Thats more stupidity of Anchor, predetermined, not ready to listen, blaming, not a healthy discussion. All I hear is complain, pointing fingers, being more cynical. I believe senators deserve some respect,

    • He is a congressman andi. I agree that Dylan came across as rude. However, all his points are valid. The congressman tried to air only GOP talking points. He showed no interest in answering the question.

  2. wow, that HURTS!

  3. Wow,
    That was straight talk. Republicans would go round and round about “Big Government”. I am not sure how a country will prosper if there are no taxes ?