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Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Andhra Pradesh, Education, TG Roundup

This is why we don’t need more colleges in AP

When Chandrababu Naidu gave permission to a boatload of engineering and medical colleges in the early 2000’s I thought he was lowering the education standards. Its been close to a decade after these colleges mushroomed everywhere from Vizag to Vikarabad.Now I got a chance to see how these colleges are doing. The earlier guinea pigs from these “Educational Institutions” are now in the workforce. Thanks to the IT sector, my family and your family are able to build a me casa and su casa and livin la vida grande while most of the students from these “any day break down” colleges are struggling to get going. They are behind in finding jobs or surviving in corporate jobs. In spite of it, the job market is generally great. And there is plenty of food in the jungle for all of us. I forgot about these colleges until last month, when a relative of mine got admission into RIMS, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences. Turns out there are two RIMS , one in Kadapa and the other one is in Adilabad. The Kadapa one looks like its ready for students for year 2011 while the Adilabad one is going to create quacks. Take a look at their emergency building, you know what I am talking about. Why do they give permit to run a college when the hospital is unfinished. Who do they practice their trade on ?

Here are the photos of Adilabad RIMS ( thanks to my cousin’s friend’s Facebook post).

It looks like YSR took care of his Kadapa college while the Adilabad guys are sleeping in the jungles.
Here is a clip from Youtube on Kadapa College