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Posted by on Dec 17, 2010 in Business, Economy, Education, In The News, Markets, Social Issues

Advantages of Home Buying Explained


Sorry for all the desi folks who were foolish to buy in the last few years. Reminds me of “Puli Ni Choosi Nakka Vaata Pettukundata” 

Advantages of Home Buying

Folks, continuing on this thread 🙂 I could’nt hold back


  1. How to secure savings? buy home in USA, save money in Dollars, buy home in India, Save money in Rupees, pump money in Stock markets in USA or India, put money in Mutual funds, commodities, futures ? How to secure future ?

  2. Well.. Dow Jones stock market was at 7000 level two years ago, and it came back upto 11k now. I wish i bot more stocks two years ago, so that i will be making real profit now. Its the same for housing market too. its really low now, and you need to buy when nobody wants it. At the same time, you need to sell it when everybody wants it. As long as you dont do over your capacity, its all good..

  3. Thanks Srinivasa for posting this. Reminds me of “Gorrela Manda” as well.