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Posted by on Feb 6, 2010 in Ex-Patriots, TG Roundup, Videos

Weather Man Freaks Out About Epic Snow Storm

Northeaster United States, got hit with a major winter storm. This epic storm dumped 18-30 inches of snow in the DC area. Presideent Obama called referred to the storm as “snomegeddon.”

Expect major disruptions in many aspects of life along the the east coast for the next several days. If you are like me, who got ‘hunkered-down’ at home, enjoy this entertaining report by a TV weatherman of a Baltimore station.

[media id=28]


  1. i meant 36”. That is nothing for upstate.

  2. panicing just for 36?

    • It was not about Temp.. It was about the inches [we had 18-30 inches]. Also, I am sure it was just an act.