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  1. Murali garu, what is the new time of the program? In the past few weeks, I couldnt catch it at 11EST on EST channel; On second thought, from the interview, looks like Murali garu is in India, may be is it temporarily suspended?

  2. It’s cool.I could see tv9 was rushing the interview.

  3. బాగుందండి. ఈ మధ్య డిన్నర్ తినకపోయినా తెలియట్లేదు కాని, టోరి వినకుండా రోజు గడిస్తే ఏదో వెలితిగా ఉంటోంది.
    ఈ పాటలన్నీ మీ సొంత సేకరణ అని విని చాలా ఆశ్చర్యపోయాను. కీప్ అప్ ది గుడ్ వర్క్.

  4. Mohan,

    when you are presenting what you are doing ‘ sontha dabba’ ela avuthundhi?
    if you present something which you don’t do, then it is. 🙂

    Very nice interview. I got to see you this way, atleast.


  5. Deffinetly your show will inspire many telugu’s

    Tori makes me feel I am not away from home

    Thanks and best wishes

    Pullaiah kodumuru

  6. think this video needs to be always available on website in about us section

  7. Way to go Mastaru!