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Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 in TG Roundup, Videos

Let Us Talk About Super Bowl Commercials

One my earliest memories of my life in US is my indoctrination by my University of Tennessee classmates about College Football, the Super Bowl, and, most importantly, Super Bowl ads.

This Sunday I am rooting for Colts. Did you ask why? Dumb question. Of course! Payton Manning. He is  a Tennessee Volunteer like myself. Go Colts!

Which was your favorite ad from these 2009 Super Bowl ads?

[media id=25]


  1. I’m happy Saints won the superbowl, they deserve it.. sorry Murali! maybe next time.. you know I am from Boston so naturally dislike Manning 😉

  2. Murali sir,
    I’m also with you for Colts! Go Colts in XLIV Super bowl with P.Manning!!
    As Brett Favre getting retired saints just got chance!!

    • NO Played like their lives are dependent on it. Clearly better team tonight. Congrats NO fans!! The City of NO deserves this break.