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Posted by on Jan 22, 2011 in Education, TG Roundup, Videos

Indian TV Sensationalizing Legitimate Law Enforcement in US

Indian media sensationalizing the news about DHS’ legitimate crackdown on a US university for visa fraud. The report also falsely accuses DHS of racially profiling Indian students and Indian business. Dear TV9, please stop spreading this nonsense! [I will later post a link to my conversation with a caller on this subject.]



  1. This article needs to be re-written. I think TV9 correctly did its job. Students must be given chance to rework their status or University should restart with a different name with rightful owner or management.

  2. I think students knew extactly what they were doing before coming to USA. Although I hate to see them deported but they need to face consequences when they do something illegal. They are young and should not start their life with cheating and lying authorities. We can not blame Indian consulate because it is beyond their jurisdiction. Students should have researched before going to US