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Posted by on Oct 6, 2010 in Funtertainment, In The News, India, Opinion, Telugu, TG Roundup, Worldwide

Very Very Special Laxman: The steel beneath the silk

What Laxman did for the match at Mohali, or for that matter making excellent contributions in 4th innings at very difficult times, is just marvellous and extraordinary.

I still wonder why he has not been named as ‘Player of the Match’ for Mohali, if not for him, India would definitely lose the match.

When everything is falling/ failing in front of your eyes, it is extremely difficult to maintain balance, focus and of all, the courage to defend and win. His life just demonstrates that quality which is flatly missing from the rest of the players.

Hope BCCI, Media and community will give him due respect for his commitment and contributions to the team and country.

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  1. Not to spill any regional venom, but national cricket team in India is ruled mostly by West, East or North! There is simply no moral support for southern players on any long standing basis. Occasional or infrequent failures from any of them will be immediately used to push them to oblivion.

  2. Saradhi garu, the player of the match award is B.S. I am a fan of Zahir too. But at that stage of the test (fifth day with 80 more needed , two tailenders with one batter with a broken back who batted at No 10), an Australian victory was guaranteed. What happened next was something that happens once in every 20 years. Its a rare feat. The idiots should have given it to him. Forget the Player of the match, they didn’t even call him for an interview. My blood gets boiled when VVS doesn’t get recognition. Oh well, such is life. I hope he just forgets it and does what is his duty , i.e. batting. The rest is for the armchair experts to blabber on TV. Apart from that 281, I would rate the 167 he hit in Sydney to be one of the highpoint in his career. Very Very Special indeed our Laxman is.

  3. Totally agree, I am a big fan of him. He did not get the respect the others got during the last 10 years. He stands up there with Sachin, Dravid. He always played like he is going to be getting dropped. Its a shame on selectors that they dropped him on numerous occasions.