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  1. KP Garu,

    Dumb Video from CNET (IMHO)

    This should be added to the 5 reasons not to get.

    The big missing point is total cost of plan. Sprint beats ATT to death on more features for buck.

    Take these out from the top 5 reasons to get

    The antenna thing is a flop. Folks are finding issues with reception. Which makes sense. How on earth you get a good reception when you cover the antenna with your hands ?

    Editing video on a phone ? is this guy nuts ? or he has too much time at hand.
    Two cameras ? whats up with that. The Evo has it , Droid X has it.
    Mutlitasking ? nuff said. Thanks the Pre will eat it for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

    Here are my 5 reasons to get it.

    1. Facetime the idiot proof video calling.
    2. Battery Capacity
    3. Faster Processor
    4. Display.
    5. Quality of materials and design.