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Posted by on Apr 18, 2011 in Songs, Talent, TG Roundup

TORi-NATS Telugu American Idol – Episode 3 (2 of 2)

Here is part 2 of Episode 3 of TORi-NATS Telugu American Idol

Audio Language: Telugu

Anchor: Srinivas Chennuri (TORi)

Organized by: Sravan Morishetty (NATS)

Aired Live on TORi on April 17, 2011


  1. participants participation is quite encouraging ,since it is @u.s., and the talents there.but if the organisers are more aware of their audio,net arrangements,before commence the programme, and check it properly, instead of confusing the participants with the online audio check up at that time and ask them to sing something with out tracks or, repeating the same again again because of the radio technical problems,also the anchor as well as the participants,(specially the elder group participants,( as if they are singing like a hobby,)talk less and give more chances to the youngsters who are singing nicely that generates more interest to the listioners as well as the new participants. of course it is only my suggestion only , radio is yours ,you can do as you like.regards. all the best. G.V.PRABHAKAR.

  2. Chaala baaga paadaavu ramya…

  3. Ammo,

    America lo vuntoo paalakadali pai ane paata enta baga padindo ee chenna pella. Telugu enta baga maatladutundoo. maa intlo valandaru chala chala santooshinchina veshahyam telugu matalu paata entoo spastam gaa vundatam. Hat’s off to this little girl. Mari ee chinaari pilaani kanna tallitandrulanu kooda abinandichaali. God bless you !!!

    • Aunandi. Paapa adaragottindi!

  4. episodes 1 and 2 tarumaru ayyai anukunta
    TORi-NATS Telugu American Idol – Episode 3 (2 of 2)
    idi episode 3 (1of 2)