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Posted by on Mar 6, 2010 in Songs, TG Roundup

Poetic Eccentricity on Rivers (Songs and Commentary)

Being a poet is essentially being eccentric. Our innate desire to be eccentric makes us appreciate strange metaphors in poems and songs. A Telugu euphemism for poetic eccentricity is ‘bhaavukatha.’ If it were up to a person with no romantic touch, he/she would call this eccentricity ‘paithyam.’ About three years ago I guest hosted a few ‘paatalapallaki‘ shows on TeluguOne Radio. The following playlist belongs to one of those shows, and my commentary was meant to bridge songs on “Rivers.”

[ti_audio name=”Rivers”]

If you can’t bear listening to my ‘paithyam,’ on their ‘paithyam‘ just skip my voice bits and listen to the songs only. They are good songs. [Sorry, I could not make this a downloadable podcast because of problems with rights for songs.]


  1. Just don’t want the songs to be downloaded. I don’t want any trouble.

  2. Super Sir, wondering why this is not in Podcasts section?