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Posted by on Aug 22, 2010 in Songs, TG Roundup

JagadekaVeeruni Katha – A Classic (3 of 5)

Song #5: Ayinademo Ayinadee Priya

Whoever said that NTR doesn’t know how to be romantic in songs, haven’t seen or forgotten this song. Why does this song touch us so much? For men, the sheer beauty and elegance of B Saroja! For women, a rare combination of handsome majesty and tenderness of NTR. See it and see it again and again.

Song #6: Manoharamuga Madhura Madhuramuga

There are so many movies in which the hero gets stuck between two wives. Me thinks that those are the fantasies of the story writer or the producer or the director. Sri M. Bala Muralikrishna was quoted as saying, you have no idea how bad it is to have two wives. While singing “intiloni poru inthintha kaadaya iddaroo pellalu vadduraa sivuda… eddunekke neeku, eddulaanti naaku..”  Ghantasala was quoted as saying to Samudrala Jr, “Did you write this about me?”

Anything KV Reddy did, he did it on a super grand scale. So are his fantasies! Why two, why not four? And there it is. And then he imagined a situation in which the hero has to entertain all four. Oho… “yeko neko namasmi…” trust me, I tried. It won’t work. 🙂 But the song is beautiful. Enjoy.