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  1. @srinivas, Mee code language telisindi. Koshore Kumar spelling correct chesanu. Thanks for pointing out !

  2. Jitender is Super Star of Hindi,what else do you expect andi. Thanks for the comment !

  3. I hurt.. ‘ki’ -> ‘ko’.

  4. Ramana – good observation. I also liked to listen to it better than watching it.

    KP – thanks for the video.

  5. Kanaka garu,

    The song is so gooood, but if we close our eyes and listen. which I did all these days. 🙂

    The guy looks so affluent and doesn’t seem lacking in anything including a shining wrist watch and state-of-the art luggage and yet the song sounds as if he is a destitute. Even his mood is so ebullient and almost gleeful. hehehehe… I am just making fun. don’t take this seriously or to heart. 🙂

    Thanks for the post