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Posted by on Feb 25, 2011 in Funtertainment, TG Roundup, Videos

RJ DMK vs RGV at TV 9 Studio.

Well known TORI (Tollywood Talkies) RJ, DMK encountered Ram Gopal Varma ( RGV) at TV 9 studio. This total episode is about one and half hr and more than 15 parts. I know we cannot spend that much time on this petty things, I have picked couple of videos that involve DMK.

If you have patience, watch all the episodes for good and lazy entertainment from TV9 Rajnikanth. Leave a comment!


  1. What an Idiots this TV9 Rajini and prabhu are.

    RGV is a creative guy and doing his best. what the hell these tv 9 guys are upto.

  2. Mohan garu,
    I saw RGV talk before. After this I became a fan of him.If you set aside personal opinions about his movies , the rest of the points he mentioned were spot on. TV-9 has become a Fox of Andhra. The other two guys (DMK and the other guy ) were simply below RGV’s class to ask him questions. I agree with you that don’t need to be a Producer/Director/Movie Star to critique movies, however these people are lacking ( at least it looked like they were) “WHATEVER” is needed to become a movie critic.

    OTOH, Movie making is an art and science. To really critique art or science work you need to know art / science. A painter can critique another painter, a doctor can critique another doctors surgery,an engineer can find faults with another engineer. The writers sometimes think they know everything. I say they can critique anything as long as the scope is limited to what they know or things they have “Grip” on. The moment anyone crosses and critique other professionals using personal attacks they become Glen Becks explaining Global warming.

    • I still maintain
      – RGV is the most over-rated director there is.
      – One doesn’t need to be experienced in making movies to give an advice or opinion. Oscar winning “The King’s Speech” director’s mom saw a play in Australia, called her son and said, “Son, I think I found your next movie.” The rest, as they say, is history.

      Did you notice, TV9 changed their video headings to read as “RGV hurt” from “RGV hurted.” Then again, who am I kidding – TeluguOne has more than it’s share of blunders, right? 🙂

  3. I think there is a fine line between self-confidence and ego. In this case, I really like RGV confidence on the film making. He really has a point that no director will spend his time and money for making a flop movie. TV-9 guys (Rajashekhar and Prabhu) did not have any logic/intelligence in their arguments in this interview, and they proved they were stupid again. I always felt TV-9 is over-rated (its just “my opinion”).

  4. RGV is very clear about what he is saying and why he met CP on this issue. How can TV9 say “RGV thinks audience are stupid, mad..etc”, when he(RGV) is directly saying he never told that? This is baseless and shows how stupid the media is especially after TV9 era in Telugu.

    And what RGV usually says abt audience/ppl is “It is up to the ppl to watch his films or not, and he is not going to ask ppl, to please go and watch my film”, and thats what he still says!

    DMK/Prabhu/TV9..all talked very funny and most stupid being TV9 Rajnikanth, not even a single person never directed/maked a film, they truly don’t even deserve to talk with RGV! Even Yandamoori reacted foolishly on RGV.

  5. I finally completed …watching all the bits. Other than thinking that it is a criminal waste of time, oddly enough I find myself agreeing with some points by each of them – except that guy Prabhu, who is completely unreasonable and asked utterly stupid questions.

    Of course, regulars of my show know how I feel about RGV, TV9 and Yandamuri!

    1) RGV is one of the most overrated directors. Easy to say “naa ishtam” and it is difficult to see it when others are saying exactly that to him and about him! He brings it upon himself. మాంసం తింటాను కాబట్టి ఎముకలు మేడలో వేసుకొని తిరుగుతాను అంటాడు RGV. ఇతరులను నొప్పించ వద్దు అని కదా వుంది భగవద్గీత? అదే చేస్తున్నాడా RGV? It is utterly silly for him to file a complaint with the commissioner on TV9. It is utterly stupid for him to say people have to ‘make’ movies before they offer criticism. If I were in Rajanikanth’s position I would have immediately asked RGV if he (RGV) offered an opinion only on the things he did or practice.

    2) TV9 may be doing some good but its brand of journalism has done more damage than good. RGV has a great point – as a movie maker, he has the freedom to stretch the truth. That is art. That is entertainment. But, TV9 should not even think about even distorting truth. They cannot put words in the mouths of people, much less report on alleged thoughts in somebody’s mind as news. That is their social responsibility.

    3) Yandamuri is a brilliant writer. He certainly is more qualified to critique the book: ‘naa ishtam’ (which I bought in my recent trip to India and yet to read) than writing about motivation and personality development. Yandamuri has his share of controversies. He should be careful in throwing stones at others.

    • Extending my comments on TV9 brand of “Journalism”

      1. “Some say” or “people say” that “you do xyz or you are this and that, what do you say to that?” In this question, the host may be injecting his own view – which is fine as long as he admits that he is the one making that statement. The question should be very specific. Mohan said this about you – what is your reaction? TV9 does this all the time!!!!! FOX does this all the time. Don’t ask your guest to respond to a koun-kiska’s allegation, whom you can’t even name.

      2. Headlines and text frame an allegation in the form of question as if that would let them off the hook from making the allegation itself. Example – FOX headline asks, “Is Obama more radical a president than all other Democratic presidents?” In that question itself there is an assertion that Obama is radical and all Democratic presidents are radical. But FOX’s escape line is – we didn ‘t make that allegation, we are simply asking a question. Nonsense.

      In the same vein TV9 asks “RGV ilaa anukuntunnada?” or “RGV maind dobbindaa?”

      ఇదీ ఈ నాటి పసుపు పచ్చ TV journalism వరస!

  6. Cinema is like a product in the market , some consumers may like it or not . Why Tv9 creating so much bad propaganda against RGV ?

  7. The whole thing is stupid. On a personal (selfish) not DMK did not use the opportunity to promote T1 and TORi. 🙂

    A non-news outlet creating a controversy on a controversy loving non-director.

    BTW – “hurted” is not a word.
    Looks like RGV took the TV channels and journalists for a task in Appalraaju. I see this as a ‘tit-for-tat” by the so called “journalists” on this so called “sensational” director. 🙂

    interesting: part 10 – 4:30 min mark
    3:00 mark on part 13, about TV9 “joke”