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Posted by on Apr 9, 2011 in Arts, Funtertainment, TG Roundup

Rising Radio Jockey

Telugu is in the AIR!

A new synonym to All India Radio (AIR) is TORi (for TeluguOne Radio on Internet). TORi is creating sensation in the world of internet radio and RJ’ing.

It has taken the Telugu community living in US, UK, Europe, The Arabian Gulf, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to name a few by storm. An expatriate Telugu couldn’t have asked for a better source to bring home, closer. From getting hooked to television with some reality shows on NBC, celebrity interviews on desi channels and now going back to radio, we have come a complete circle.

Finding the right people for the right job is a secret to success and Professor Mohan Venigalla, a director of TeluguOne has proved it. He has assembled a very talented team of RJs and technicians who are
entertaining with a capital “E”, full of energy, relentless, exuberant and extremely hardworking.

Particular mention to one of the programs on TORi that I regularly follow and so do the Telugu community all over the world is the idli/burger show hosted by RJ Anish. I would like to put into words on behalf of his audience the kind of popularity this show is getting everywhere.

Man with a golden voice, multi-talented, down to earth, modest, honest and most of all his audience is actually learning Telugu and “how to speak” all over again. In the world where we are so used to being informal with a “hi” “bye” “hey u” “c’ya”, people are loving the “meeru” “garu” “andi” “baagunnara” and it is so very appealing to everyone. Whoever said simplicity is outdated! As one of his callers rightly put “we feel like we are talking to a voice from heaven”, indeed!

Most of his callers are women. Not surprising at all for they are treated with utmost respect and dignity. I have had the pleasure of interacting with some of his audience and they say more than a RJ, he is like a family member to them which says a lot about the connection he makes with his listeners.

“Great voice, energetic, superb choice of songs to keep me awake while I work late nights” says SriLakshmi, a masters in software engineering who works alternately in Italy and Germany.

While Ms.Sushma V.V.L a house wife from Colorado, USA feels that he is an “eighth wonder of the world” and to talk to him on his show is like a God’s boon. Well now can someone beat that! She also reaffirms the fact that he is a talented, memorable, unforgettable and charismatic person.

Who doesn’t like a hot cup of coffee ?  “Manchi coffee lanti RJ, incomparable to any other RJ’s on other radio stations” says Praneetha Reddy, an IT professional from New York, USA, in her choicest words.

A resident doctor in the surgery department from Connecticut USA, Dr.Lakshmi definitely has a prescription for him, only this one has lots of sweet blessings and prayers for his future career dreams. No bitter medicines just pure unconditional idol worship for you Mr.RJ.

People from all walks of life – engineers, doctors, IT professionals, students, businessmen and also little children have high regard about his RJ’ing. Anish is a voice-over artist, stage artist, mimicry artist and a wonderful human being bringing a piece of our Telugu speaking state every night to everyone’s home living away from the motherland.

His mimicking ability has been a major attraction to most of the people.

From Wellington New Zealand, Sambasiva “Sam” Dasari, manager working in an IT firm, thinks “his mesmerizing voice, his mimicry and lengthy dialogues are fabulous. He has a strong on-air presence and high command over Telugu language”.

IT consultant Ashok Kumar from Long Beach, California has a lot of admiration and respect for this ruling RJ. “His mimicry talent is amazing and his down to earth attitude and respect when speaking about his boss, which I heard many a time is awesome. I just can’t stop saying enough about him, simply he is the best of all kind!”.

From coast to coast the feedback has been overwhelming. A PhD candidate in Fiber and Polymer Science, Vamsi Krishna Jasti from Raleigh North Carolina, apart from his research work has an opinion to share, “most popular RJ on TORI, great song selection from all genres, interesting and humorous discussion topics”.

RJ’ing needs a good music sense, timely spontaneous interaction with callers and also keep up the humour, tempo and keep the interest going. This RJ knows it all and then some!

Kiranmayi, a singer, homemaker and student from Singapore is all praise for Anish. “Unique, talkative, incomparable, creative, thought provoking questions”. She dedicates a verse from Sumathi satakam to him “Evarini noppinchaka, tanoppaka tiruguvadu danyudu…ade Anish!”, adulation and admiration all the way.

I have been a keen observer of his show for the past couple of months. His audience enjoys the 2 minutes of fame they get calling and talking to him on a live radio and sometimes showcasing their own talent, be it singing, reciting poetry, trying their hand at mimicry or daring to imitate the RJ himself!

A few words of appreciation from Professor Mohan, “Anish has brought all new excitement to TORi. He treats his audience with respect. I love his command over Telugu, interactive skills, presence of mind. Regarding his popularity, I saw this coming when I heard his anchoring on his first show.” Kiran, a sound engineer working on the TORi technical team thinks Anish is the most hard working, entertaining and “TOP RJ” on TORi.

Testimony from the people you work with everyday says a million words.

On an average he gets about 30 calls in a 3hr long show. These are just the calls that get answered during the show but there are many more who can’t wait to try their luck the next day. They may be disappointed for now but next day brings new hope, try and try till you succeed can be redefined as try and try till you get to talk. There are some very interesting questions he poses to his callers which definitely gets the grey cells in the brain jogging, some callers even admit sleepless nights trying to get an answer to his quizzes.

Well when it was my turn to get Anish thinking, it was tougher than I had guessed. So all of you who would want to know a little bit more about him here goes..

A person with so much talent would definitely have got some recognition. Out of all the mementos he has been awarded with from different organisations, he names just a few that are memorable for him Anupama Kalasravanthi, Grey Hounds, Arunodaya Art Creations, Ooyala Communications, Padma Mohana Art Theatre.

Back waters of Kerala is his favorite vacation spot, could coconut be his favorite fruit? Or is it because of the movie ’em maya chesave’ pictured in Kerala? What makes him want to go there, keep guessing.

For all aspiring RJ’s here’s some advise from the best RJ himself.
In his own words “do it with a positive approach and maintain healthy interaction with callers in a humorous way”. He thinks RJ’ing suits well as a part-time profession. Best part about RJ’ing being opportunity to interact with different people and dealing with each person’s special personality. Well there is a not so bright side to Rj’ing too. Couldn’t be that bad now, could it? Keep reading to know what he thinks. “Odd work hours, work over weekends and holidays for entertaining the audience”. He also adds that the work satisfaction he gets at the end of it all is not comparable to any inconvenience he could face. Well your audience definitely enjoy this, your part-time profession.

On a more serious note his take on what happiness is “doing something that you have passion for, something that you love doing, give it your best shot and that will give you back immense happiness”.

He has great regard and idolizes Padmasri “Mimicry Brahma” Nerella Venu Madhav who is an inspiration to a lot of people be it in mimicry or for his way of life.

What can you expect from this entertainer, what can you look forward to in future? Well his plans do sound interesting and exciting. From behind the mike to in front of the camera is where he wants to see himself  in the near future. Being a Video Jockey (VJ) is on his mind and so is being an actor. Whatever he does, entertainment is his motto and he is sticking to it.

There is a huge fan following world wide waiting with a thought. “We have heard you, when do we get to meet you”, oh and an autograph would be like an icing on the cake! Knowing Anish’s command over Telugu language and his liking for it, I am sure there is a thought crossing the RJ’s mind reading all this. “English is fine but Telugu is best, can someone please rewrite this in Telugu”.

Well Mr.RJ, fans can do anything for their idol. Here’s wishing him a very bright future and a wonderful life ahead from all his fans worldwide.

By Sudha Dronamraju

Credits :

I would like to thank RJ Anish and everyone else for sharing their views with me and contributing towards this article.

Special mention to a few more –

Sravya – Computer Science Graduate doing masters at IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Aparna Ganti – IT professional from Chicago, Illinois

Murthy Panga- Project administrator from Peddapalli, Karimnagar, AP

Harish Kukatla, Sr. Level. Java Developer at Deloitte, from Harrisburg, PA, USA

Sandhya Inturi – MSc in biotechnology, homemaker from Tampa, FL, USA

RJ Sravya – Working as an RJ in TORI and also an MBA student from Hyderabad, AP

Subrahmanyam Kappagantula, USA

RoopaVamsi – Homemaker from Herndon, Virginia, USA


  1. Excellent article from sudha, Outstanding words….. Anish u deserve this article. simply superb … Best of luck for ur future…

  2. Nice Article. All the Best & Keep Rocking Anishhhhhh………….

  3. You hate him because he dint read your email? that’s silly.
    He is a multi talented guy. the people who don’t any talent, automatically they feel jelsy on the talented people.
    thanu examples search chesadhu… edhuku? okka sentence ni ardamiyela chepalanti dhaniki okka example chupinchali… (for ex: meru edhina name chepetapudu… like ANISH – A for Alpha antaru) he is doing same thing.

    eka pothe edho Eenadu paper lonunchi copy chesathadu question annaru…
    epudu meru internet use chestharu… nenu internet use algani mee internet chusi nenu copy koduthuna ante… that’s meaning less sentence..

    For your info: he is really very good person… and he is really very good talented person… and he is hard worker…..

    nenu Anish ki cheputha lee… nee email chadavamani… Ok naa… Take care…

  4. Murali is acting like a child… thanu naku candy evvaledhu… nee dosth katiff anttuga vundhi Murali vadhana…

    emchestha kontha mandhi anthe lee…. etharula talent chusi jelsy feel avadam thapa emi cheyaleru…

    Murali… mee email thanu chadavaka pothe… meru call chesi matladavachu kada… apudu thelusthundi thanagurinchi… thana talent gurinchi…

    Meru rayandi okka article mee pina… chudham enthamandhi chadhuvutharo…

  5. 23rd comment Mr. Murali,

    You hate him because he dint read your email? that’s silly.
    He is a multi talented guy. the people who don’t any talent, automatically they feel jelsy on the talented people.
    thanu examples search chesadhu… edhuku? okka sentence ni ardamiyela chepalanti dhaniki okka example chupinchali… (for ex: meru edhina name chepetapudu… like ANISH – A for Alpha antaru) he is doing same thing.

    eka pothe edho Eenadu paper lonunchi copy chesathadu question annaru…
    epudu meru internet use chestharu… nenu internet use algani mee internet chusi nenu copy koduthuna ante… that’s meaning less sentence..

    For your info: he is really very good person… and he is really very good talented person… and he is hard worker…..

    nenu Anish ki cheputha lee… nee email chadavamani… Ok naa… Take care…

  6. i hate this man . he never read e mails.

    simple ga cheppalnte he search for an example to say something .. thats ok but he creates that example.. thats nasty..

    all his questions are copied from eenadu padavinodam.. thats it. he thinks that nobody can catch him..

    • Email chadavanidaanikee meeru antha pedda maata aneestee ella andi Murali Garu. 🙂 Ekkadoo oka choota nunchi nerchukovali kadaa andi show cheyyalantee?. Adi eenadu avvachu lekapothe andhra jyothy avvachu. Kaani mee ee comment choosaaka Anish tappaka mee email chaduvutaadu ! 😉


  7. Sudha garu article is very good,,,,we wish Anish All the best,,,good luck 🙂

  8. This message is for Anish –

    Don’t let all this superlative filled praise get to your head. Get back to work… 🙂

    • Mohan Garu –
      Sri Ramanavami Subhakankshalu.
      May be you are too busy

  9. సుధ గారు.. ముందు మిమ్మల్ని అభినందించాలి – నేను ఈ వ్యాసం కొంత చదవగానే ఏ న్యూస్ పేపర్ లో నుంచో reproduce చేసారేమో అనుకున్నా.

    అనీష్ గురించి మీరు చెప్పినవన్నీ అక్షర సత్యాలు. ముఖ్యం గా అతను తెలుగును వాడే తీరు చూస్తే (భాష) భవిష్యత్తు మీద తప్పక ఆశ కలుగుతుంది. మంచి సృజన తో అతను చేసే ప్రోమోలు టోరికే highlights.

    But in all fairness, వత్తులు పలకడం (“మదురం” vs. “మధురం”, “అబిరుచి” vs. “అభిరుచి” etc) మీద ఇంకా దృష్టి పెడితే అతను మరింత రాణిస్తాడు.

  10. Nicely written article. Good Job !

  11. Sudha garu chala thanx maa manusuloni matalu article loo kanipinchayii….Iam very happy to read this….and Anish gurinchi enta cheppina takkuvee kani okkati nijam nenu Anish show follow avutunnapatinunchi eppati daaka okka show kuda miss kaledu…3hrs manchi entertainment …Ante ippudu 2hrs chesaru chala badaindhi…any way ALL THE BEST TO ANISH & Onceagain Thanx to Sudha.


  12. I listen to TORI Everyday!!! I have been a great admirer of Anish since day one. I am , probably , one of the many admirers Anish has. I always felt it was almost impossible to express this admiration in words. But I am sooo wrong! This article says it all!! It is true to the last word!!

    Kudos to Anish for inspiring the artists in each one of us!! and kudos to Sudha for doing absolute justice to this upcoming artist!!

    I sincerely hope that Anish realiZes his dreams!!!

  13. I am new to TORI…the article is really good ,it made me to sit up and take note of the growing popularity of TORI as well as it’s rising star.
    Best wishes to TORI team.

  14. Dear Ms.Sudha,
    Good article on Anish, really talented RJ, All the best for his future

  15. Being a Tamilian I had not heard of Anish or TORi. But after reading this article by Sudha Dronamraju I wish I was a Telugu, if not for anything else but for listening to Anish! This write up paints a beautiful picture of Anish and his accomplishments instead of being a boring bio-data. Sometimes you wonder whom to praise while listening to a great poetry sung in a melodious voice – the poet or the singer. Like while listening to Lata singing a Sahir Ludihyanvi song. I should say Anish has found a Lata for his masterful creations! Thank you Sudha for shining the light on a hidden gem!

  16. Way to introduce talent to the world! I am amazed by the huge range of admiration this young artist has amassed in such a short period of time!

    No doubt he will soar to great heights! Thanks to such unconditional admiration and diligent efforts to help him reach there – three cheers to Sudha for making this effort by weaving magic with your words!

  17. Nenu RJ Anish kosam, naa bhaavanalu telugulo cheppadaaniki prayathnisthisthaanu….:) …Anish, nuvvu chaala baaga matladuthaavu, assalu samayam twaraga ayipothundhi nee maatlau vintey…nenu kooda teluguloney matladaaniki prayanisthunnanu ee madhya…ee pathrikalo nee gurinchi chaala baaga rasaaru, kaani avi nijalo kaadho naaku teliyadhu …;) thamashaki annanuley…nuvvu chaala goppa vyakthivi kaavalani manasupoorthiga korukuntunnanu…

    Denver, Colorado..

  18. This is very nice article. Very well summarized, good observations & great presentation. I wish ‘Anish’ all the very best on his future endeavors….

  19. nice post andi. I wish Anish all the very best!

  20. Nice to read it…

  21. Awesome!!!!

    Not sure what else I can say to this.. the most refreshing article that i’ve read in recent times.. superb job..

    I was listening to TORi when i was in China, and yes, it was a great medium of getting connected with telugu language and people for me, being all alone over there..

    and pls consider taking up writing articles seriously 🙂

    Cheeeeeeeerssssssssss to Sudha for the article and RJ Anish for his contribution!!

  22. very nice article, marvellous..

  23. good thoughts put together about Anish’s RJing …..well written.

  24. I read the article, it was really superb…..I draw a conclusion like this from this article about you as “I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my words.”This phrase is really made for you…Keep going

  25. Sudha you hav written this so well……….
    Anish!!!! You deserve all the compliments*…….you are d best!!

  26. I am a regular listener and I totally agree with you about Anish and TORI. He has done wonders to TORI’s image in North America. Very well written, good observations, hope this article helps him realizing his dreams !!

    Nice work Sudha garu..