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Posted by on Mar 16, 2010 in Funtertainment, Opinion, TG Roundup, Videos

Rahasyam – O Dikkumalina Show!

This lame show from TV 9, won an award recently.Look at these videos, this anchor is linking “Sani’ with planet Saturn. The most misleading program that I have ever seen. Every bit in there is a copy.

If you are interested to produce these shows, here are the tips,

  • Get the videos from NASA, Youtube, Discovery, History, etc channels.
  • Get a dude who has nothing to do except talking
  • Ask that dude to bend his head and look at camera
  • Get one more dude who has nothing to do except talking
  • Use his voice in base pitch as voice-over.

I am starting to save money just to do a show in future against these people.


  1. aa tone and ad choosthuntene chiraaku osthundi…artham partham leni show…veedu superstitous topics ni chaala promote chesthaadu!

    • nayam, meeku chikakee vastundi, nakaithe cheppaleenu baboi. kopam, kasi, badha, edupu, tikka.

  2. naa valla kaaledu choodadam!!