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Posted by on Feb 21, 2010 in Funtertainment, TG Roundup, Videos

Professor Shatters Distracting Laptop

[Via – Engadget]

Hey, students — pay attention. Not to us, mind you, but to the syllabus provided by your professor. Kieran Mullen, a physics professor at the University of Oklahoma, has a fairly strict rule about gadgets in class: there won’t be any, ever, under any circumstances. Balk all you want (understandable given his own clipped-on cellie), but if you sign up for this guy’s class, you’ll be flipping your phone to “off” and leaving your laptop in the dormitory. And if you try to blaze your own path and slip that netbook into the back row, you might leave bitterly disappointed. As you’ll see clearly in the video past the break, Mr. Mullen sought to make a visual point that laptops weren’t allowed in class (he calls them “a distraction”), and while it seems that the whole stunt was premeditated, most students acknowledged that his point was driven home. In short, he took a defunct machine, submerged it in liquid nitrogen, and proceeded to make the following statement:

“This is just liquid nitrogen, so it alone won’t hurt the computer. But this will.”

Find out exactly what “this” was by watching this video.

[media id=54 width=480 height=360]


  1. I take back my comparison / comment. Years of built up frustration leaded to such demonstration.

  2. I know a lecturer who used to throw a wooden duster to anyone chewing gum in the class . He used to say “Pachagaddi tine pashuvulu clasuku rakudadu”.

  3. I doubt one day he brings gun to class and says “Gun alone don’t kill but this will”

    Hope that doesn’t happen.

    • Vamsi garu,

      That was done in good fun to drive his point across. To compare this stunt to the gun-lobby rhetoric is too much of a stretch.

      I know how distracting it can get when students keep themselves busy browsing or texting in the class.

  4. I swear. That is not me!!! But pretty close!!!