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Posted by on Nov 22, 2010 in Funtertainment, Songs, TG Roundup

On Dec 3rd’s “Legends with TORi” – Ghantasala

On Friday, Dec 3rd, MMGL will feature a special tribute (another one) to the Maestro, Sri Ghantasala. I am hoping to make the show about this legend a good one.

May be you can contribute also. Did any of his songs (or life story) has inspired you in such a way that you life has changed for the better? Then why don’t you share your story with thousands of listeners? I will read it on air.

Send your experiences to


  1. Mohan garu it was a great show today. Express cheyyataniki words levu. Meeku veelythe ee show ni upload cheyyagalara.


    • Thanks andi.

      I too liked the show a lot. May be I did live up to the hype I created. 🙂