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Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in Funtertainment, TG Roundup

No! I did NOT Compare Her Dialogue Delivery to NTR’s

Here is an important clarification about my interview with Manchu Lakshmi

I have received several ‘challenges’ about some thing I did not say either in-person, or during my interview with Manchu Lakshmi. In part 2 of my interview between 15-18 min, there was a discussion about her dialogue delivery in movies. Lakshmi said ‘somebody’ said that she says dialogues almost like NTR. For the record, I NEVER said that she says dialogues on par with NTR. If you listen carefully, she also never said that I compared her to NTR.

She went on to say that I personally commended her that she does better than her father in dialogue delivery. This is not true.

I did commend her confidence and I did say that she would have been as successful as she is today even if she weren’t born as the daughter of Mohan Babu. I said this to her both in person and in the interview.

Another professor who also met her at the same venue where I met her may have compared her acting career to Mohan Babu’s acting career. I believe that he opined that she would become a “thandrini minchina thanaya” in movie making. This other conversation she had with the other professor is what I had in mind when I said “vinnanu” to her in the interview. During the interview itself I missed the part that she was claiming that I compared her dialogue delivery to Mohan Babu. If I was alert enough, I would have corrected her on that. But I do not recall anybody mentioning to her that in dialogue delivery she can be compared to even Mohan Babu.

I am not saying she was lying. It is quite possible that she may have confused me with the other professor and genuinely believed that I compared her dialogue delivery to that of Mohan Babu’s.

Another important point, with the exception of a eliminating a couple of audio blips, the interview was not edited as I did not think it would be fair.

With that clarification I want to put this controversy to rest. Comments were disabled for the youtube version of the audio for one and one reason only: there is a lot of filthy language on the comments on YouTube. These culture-less idiots feel so empowered behind the online anonymity that they don’t know how to respect a woman. I don’t want to be even a silent witness to such vulgar behavior. If you want to add any comments, you can post them on here on TeluGlobe. Unless you use any objectionable language, your comments will be allowed without any edits.

-Mohana Muralidhar


  1. I agree with Shravan. There is no way to prove that she would have been equally or less/more successfully if she wasnt Mohan babu’s daughter. Her confidence is because of her family. If she was born as some X’s daugther, would she become as successful as she is now? I doubt. Though in no way I can prove.
    Take the example of the other guys who are star children. 90% of them would not even be on screen if they werent star children.

    • Yeah, I too feel the same, I wonder if she would be as successful as she is today.I feel the Tollywood is ruled by the silver spoon batch.We don’t get to see outsiders in the Telugu film Industry.If they are soaring they are some where related to the older successful filmi folks.

  2. I don’t agree that she would have been as successful as she is today even if she weren’t born as the daughter of Mohan Babu. Ofcourse there is no way to prove either way. My opinion: She is successful (or she thinks she is successful) because she is the daughter of Mohan Babu.