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Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in Funtertainment

Love Bites -2 (Story)

26th May, 2008

After the Monday status meet, our manager announced that two new resources would be taken into our support to compensate the loss because of resignations of Chari and one more guy.
And he told that the two resources would be joining in a week or two. We just listened to his words but didn’t pay much attention to those new comers.

After one week, our manager came to our cubicle and said that the new team members are in the induction class and they would be taking KT from the next day.
When we asked him about their names, he said they are Sunitha and Priya.

My heart was jumping in joy by hearing that two GIRLS are going to join my team :):)

On the next day, two girls came along with my manager and introduced themselves as Priya and Sunitha. As they are girls, their shift was decided to be 12 PM to 8 PM.
Out those 2 gals, Priya was a bit ok… but Sunitha looked very beautiful to my eyes (it’s may be just because I didn’t meet a single good looking girl after completion of my MCA), and I firmly wanted to make friendship with her.

When I was working in night shifts, I used to witness many people (note that they are men and women working in call centers and other IT firms in Cyber Gateway) moving very close to each other and I saw some “A” rated scenes too.
I didn’t have such fantasies to kiss a girl in front of all people in Hitec City… but I strongly wanted a girl friend.

I tried to impress Sunitha with all good forwards and sometimes I used to put my feelings on the email and send her as if I am forwarding a mail that I received.
I started receiving good signals from her end.

I heard that I was the only person in the team with whom Sunitha talks to. It made me clear that she is interested in me and I was waiting for the right time to propose…

She used to call me to accompany her for lunch while I was in day shifts… Kiran and Ramana came to know that there’s something between us and they started teasing me.

One day we went to food court for lunch and she suddenly started to talk about love marriages and arranged marriages.

I was listening to her words and she emphasized the bond between boy and girl before marriage…
I told myself that man… she’s feeling my love and I thought the day is no far.

On the next day, 24th June, 2008
I bought a beautiful greeting card and put my feelings in that… After coming to office, I could not see her and checked with Priya about her absence.

Priya said that Sunitha was not feeling well and she was on leave for that day.
I called Sunitha on her mobile and inquired about her health… she was moved by my care and concern towards her and thanked me for calling her.

It took 2 days for her to recover from illness and came back to office on 26th June, 2008.
She looked so weak and was not able to work properly on that day. At 4 PM, I asked her to leave for the day. She said it’s fine and continued to work till 8 PM.
Before she leaving for the day, she thanked me again for my concern about her.

I was not sure if I was taking her friendship in a wrong direction… as love. I decided to wait and watch.

(P.S. Idi oka katha mathrame)


  1. there is a good transtalor app from google. Go to google labs and you should find that. And they have a plugin and it will let you type into any editor in windows. Good luck!

  2. Thanks all… naaku Telugu font lo type cheyyadaniki vellayye editors kasta suggest chestara please…
    Avi unte nenu Telugu lo ne raasta 🙂

  3. thanks for the support andi. I again request you to write in telugu. You should consider seriously cause you getting more readers to ur stories now. 🙂

  4. Baagundhi Varun. Good going!!!!!

  5. తెలుగు గోళం లో ఇలాంటివి తెలుగు లో వ్రాస్తే చదివే వారికి మరింత మజా వస్తుంది కదా!.
    కథ బాగుంది.