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Posted by on Sep 25, 2010 in Funtertainment, TG Roundup

Kudos to TeluGlobe Followers

This morning as I was looking at the download stats for podcasts, I was pleasantly surprised to know that Swami Vivekananda’s speech is immensely popular. I am so happy to realize how well you have received this great man’s speech – I wanted to take a closer look at what other pod casts are popular on TG.

Here are the top 20. The one’s highlighted in bold have a positive message and the ones in red have some negative vibes in them. I don’t pay attention to the downloads of files that only have entertainment value.

  1. Caller-Lakshmi-on-Telangana-and-Andhra.mp3
  2. MMGL-Interview-2010-02-12-Nalamotu-Chakravarthy-on-Who-We-Are as Telugu people
  3. Harika-Sings-Laali-Laali-Antu-Raagam-Paaduthunte.mp3
  4. MMGL-Special-A-Tribute-to-Sri-Ghantasala.mp3
  5. MMGL-Special-2010-05-07-Jonnavithula-Ramalingeswararao-on-My-Telugu
  6. Harika-sings-Chinuku-Thadiki.mp3
  7. MMGL-Special-2010-02-12-Prasad-Reports-on-Avatar-from-NJ.mp3
  8. MMGL-Interview-2010-02-12-Nalamotu-Chakravarthy-on-Who-We-Are as Telugu people
  9. Mohan-about-Himself.mp3
  10. Dr-C-Narayana-Reddy-Definition-of-a-Telugu-Person.mp3
  11. Suguna-Narayan-Interview.mp3
  12. MMGL-Special-Ramya-Yandamuri-Letter.mp3
  13. MMGL-Interview-2010-02-12-Nalamotu-Chakravarthy-on-Who-We-Are as Telugu People
  14. MMGL-Special-Brahmin-and-his-black-goat.mp3
  15. MMGL-Special-2010-04-09-Your-Telugu-Roots-are-Fine-But-Your-
  16. MMGL-Interview-2007-04-27-Murali-Mohan.mp3
  17. Prof-Mulpuri-on-Middle-School-Education-in-US
  18. MMGL-Special-2010-08-13-Encounter-with-Shopping-Subbarao.mp3
  19. JP-Interview.mp3
  20. MMGL-Interview-2010-05-08-Interview-with-JP-May-2010.mp3

Most of the downloads of Caller Lakshmi file have happened in the first two months of this year. Even though not yet in the top 20, at current downloading rate, the speech by Swami Vivekananda will be at the top of this list within a month.

Kudos to your taste.