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Posted by on Jan 29, 2010 in Europe, Fake News, Funtertainment, Worldwide

Fake Reporter Illustrates How Real News is Done

If  you watched news in US for a long time, you probably have an idea when Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather tossed to the reported and how the reporter filed a report. They all have a standard template. A template that is perhaps cooked-up in some ‘reputed school of journalism.’ All these news reports look serious and believable. I have been noticing that reporters on such Indian channels as NDTV are trying to emulate a typical western news reported.

Well, take a look at this UK comedy show host’s own report on reporting news. You won’t look at cut-away reports on TV news the same anymore.  This is subtle but very very funny!!

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  1. Wow, Mohan Garu, thank you , , it was fun.
    This is Spot on to the point , the guys day “Charlie Brooker” which sounds like “Tom Brokaw”.
    That is the primary reason I like BBC(not that they are perfect) better over many channels.