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Posted by on Jan 1, 2010 in Fake News

TeluGlobe Launched for Gulutes

Mohana Muralidhar has had enough with petty caste, religion, race and regional biases of Telugu speaking people. He launched a new website,, with the theme, “a global perspective for Telugu people.”  Mohan is a dreamer. Despite the history of his brethren, he is optimistic that Telugu people can stay above all these petty differences and unite under one common interest: Telugu language and Telugu culture.

Acting as a reporter for his own website, he posted this English article about Telugu people. When asked if it is not hypocrisy to promote Telugu unity in an English article, he relied, “If there is one thing Telugu people love more than hating their own people based on caste or region, it is English language. Therefore, it is not hypocrisy to use English as a medium of communication with Telugu people. However, Telugu articles will also be posted on this site.”

When asked why Gongura Chutney and Gongura leaves are used as icons for this article and for this website banner, he replied, “I am from Guntur, the best district in the state presently known as Andhra Pradesh. No matter what happens to the Telangana issue, all Gulutes will always be known as Gongura Gulutes. It gives me a great joy to announces this Gulute unity site with the proclamation that Guntur dominates 22 other districts in the state in quality Gongura production. Guntur is the best. Guys and gals from Guntur are the best. Jai Guntur!!!”

[This is my brand of humor. If you cannot connect with it right away, it will probably will take you some time to catch on. If you are offended by it, you probably don’t belong here.  Also, I am not going to be the sole contributor here. I am looking for well informed contributors to post articles on this site. For more info on this site, see About. -Mohan]