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Posted by on Feb 16, 2010 in Fake News, Specials, TG Roundup

Is Avatar a Copy of a Telugu Movie?

Prasad goes to a multiplex in Edison, NJ to file this live report on a blockbuster movie. He then gets restless about the host, Americans, America and Hollywood. Listen to his passionate defense of Tollywood movies, and Telugu people’s adoration of their stars. Do you know that Avatar’s main theme was copied from a Telugu TV?

Boadcast date TeluguOne Radio: 2010-02-12

Audio language: Telugu

Link for download/smart phones: Reporter Prasad Rips Avatar, Hollywood and American arrogance.


  1. A.Brasi. Simply too good!!

  2. I have a Malayali friend who said that there was an old Malayalam movie of Mohanlal which has the similar story line as ‘Avatar’. It was not about going to a different planet and the aliens but, its a story about an Engineer, goes on a job to clear a slum for building a huge building and ultimately ends up fighting for the poor against his own employers…..

    • Geeta garu, this report was a spoof andi. Both KP and I had some fun at the expense of our (Telugu people) habits and Telugu movies. That’s all. 🙂

  3. A very good observation on how a popular telugu movie is seen around the US,
    Kevvu Keka was pretty funny 🙂