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Posted by on Mar 16, 2010 in Funtertainment, TG Roundup

Carnatic Music Idol

Carnatic Music Idol was started by the Jaya TV last year. I found a series of about 20 videos on youtube. I am only embedding the first video, and pasting the playlist link for whole set. These videos are in Tamil, you can understand some of it with your telugu knowledge and the most of it with knowledge in carnatic music.

Hope this will enhance the allure of Carnatic Music in India. More importantly, hope something similar will be done in A.P. as well, where there is much more a need for encouragement.

Playlist for the whole set of videos:

Another playlist with specific performances from some of the contestants:


  1. It’s really cool to hear these kind of shows in todays world! Thanks for sharing Sandeep!

  2. The media is anyway not helping improve, if not solve, the important issues. So at least they can do something useful.
    I don’t know why Balamurali left for Chennai but he’s still a great doyen of CM. And probably you said this only in a light-hearted way, so am I. May be we to start a campaign that Balamurali was stolen from us (just like the T-movement, manam dochukobaddamu ? :P)
    CM Idol will surely help us unearth more Mangalampallis – in my opinion…

    • I was not kidding about Mangalampalli, We, so called Telugu people did not care for his talent and Tamil did. You may confirm and correct me if I am wrong.

      • You rightly pointed out the weird apathy shown by Telugu people towards Carnatic Music and I felt the same all along. My only hope is that some inspired producer might get a show like CM Idol going so that CM might get the much needed face-lift. Or at the very minimum CM Idol could invite talent from AP as well.

  3. Sorry, Telugu is bussy with other important issues and not ready for these encouragements. We already lost Magalampalli to Tamilnadu. WHO CARES!

    • @kanaka

      you’re insulting our telugu culture. I deeply hurted. Have you ever seen “Udayabhanu’ dance programs? Have you listened ‘devi sree prasad’… generating sounds from different parts of his body, sings and dances like michael jackson 🙂 this list goes on….Who said we don’t have talent.
      We have so many political comedians, kulagajji elders, midget stars, less talented great actors,H1-B holders:), world number 1 tennis player who never reached Quarters of any grandslam.. this is a never ending list.. we don’t care about mangalampalli or any talents…

      • Kiran, Your reply is hilarious. I was seriously thinking of a counter reply while reading the first two line, but you made me laugh at the end. Thanks again.