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  1. suresh garu, naa peru mangalam kadu mahaprabho!

  2. Stupid comedy….we have been seeing such comedians since many many years, don’t really understand why you choose to post this? Please don’t loose u r followers and defame teluglobe by posting nonsense like this.

    • అబ్బ – నచ్చక పోతే వదిలేద్దురూ…. 🙂 అంతా ఘాటు కామెంట్ అవసరమా?

      Looks like you are in a bad mood – is your team also losing today? 🙂 I just walked away from TN-OR game. OR just scored two unanswered touch downs. Couldn’t watch.

      Update: OR just crushed Big Orange!

  3. Good performance except those noisy guys in the room !

  4. hilarious!!